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Establishing a new e-commerce platform in the automotive industry.



Ridebuy is a new e-commerce platform for automotive parts, accessories and related gear. Ridebuy approached us to develop a brand identity that captures their vision as a brand. With the conception of the business, it was important to establish a clear and consistent brand identity that reflected the brand’s values, personality and positioning in the industry.

  • Lack in communication of tenure and experience of the company against industry leaders

  • Unidentifiable corporate branding

  • Unclear brand personality and positioning



Establishing a new e-commerce platform in the automotive industry.
What we did

To establish Ridebuy’s brand personality and identity, we underwent a Brand Workshop with the founders to discover their brand direction for Ridebuy. Customer trust was the priority for the launch of Ridebuy as a new entrant in the e-commerce industry.

What we Did

In order to effectively build trust among its customers, we designed an identity that reflected professionalism and stability. We designed Ridebuy’s logo with a square icon that subtly communicates stability and dependability while forming a lowercase “r” for better brand recall.

Brand Identity
Business Card.jpg

Inspired by safety street signs, yellow was chosen as the primary brand color for Ridebuy. This unobtrusive color was the ideal option for a professional yet identifiable brand identity.

Asset 3.jpg

Through design consistency, we were able to establish a clear identity for Ridebuy as it launches as a new player in the industry.

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