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Corporate and B2B Branding for growth

Our collaborative methodology allows you to understand your brand further and give you an active role in corporate brand building. 
Discovery Session

What does your brand stand for? A discovery session will help you see where your branding currently stands and how to move it forward.

C-Suite Level Interview

How do you envision your brand? Having active involvement from company leadership will help bring multiple perspectives into a cohesive identity through a collaborative process.

Goal Setting

What do you want to achieve with your brand? Knowing where you want to go will help us understand the necessary steps and decisions to help you get there with a process of unified discussions and engagements

By helping you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and pain points, we sift through your brand’s messaging into a more lucid and concise communication that deeply resonates with your target audience.

Through a comprehensive discovery process clarifying the background, challenges, and objectives of your brand, we uncover potential growth opportunities that can propel your business forward.


Brand Visual Workshop

The primary goal of this workshop phase is to facilitate a collaborative approach resulting in the creation of a visual mood board for your brand. This visually breathes life into your brand.

Brand Personality & Archetype

In this stage of the workshop aims to infuse your brand with a human touch, defining its clear personality, tendencies, and tone. We aim to create a distinct and memorable brand identity.

Brand Workshop and Panel

This workshop aims to engage members of the brand panel to identify key challenges encountered by the business. Through a series of key questions, we aim to unearth valuable insights that will serve as the fundamental building blocks for the development of the brand strategy and identity.

Through our archetype-based framework, a comprehensive brand with a consistent tone of voice is developed, shaping a distinct brand identity that is established.

We delve into the core of your brand’s personality and meticulously unravel the essence of its unique traits and values. This, together with solidifying your brand’s position in the market, work toward strengthening your USP.


Brand Strategy & Positioning

Fueled by the results from the workshop, we leverage the findings to define the brand’s strategy and positioning in the industry. This pivotal stage enables us to uncover and discern the qualities that make your brand unique and compelling, enabling it to effectively stand out and captivate your intended niche audience.

Brand Visual Direction

Insights gathered from the workshop play a crucial role in establishing a definitive path for the brand’s identity. By utilizing our collaborative process and design expertise, we are equipped to determine the ideal aesthetic that best represents and strengthens your brand.

Brand Identity Design

This is all about your brand taking shape. At this phase, we embark on the creative journey of crafting and reimagining key design elements including your brand’s logo, colors, typography, and various brand executions, ensuring that they seamlessly align with your brand’s essence.

Brand Guidelines

A well-crafted brand manual empowers your brand to achieve a consistent portrayal of the established strategy, personality, and identity. The brand guidelines will serve as the backbone for ensuring coherent and articulate communication across all brand touchpoints.

We translate your brand’s message into compelling visuals and clarify its overall aesthetic that profoundly engages and resonates. By aligning the visual representation with your brand’s core message, we create a harmonious and impactful visual identity that encapsulates your brand’s core essence. Through the seamless integration of visual components such as logo design, brand identity, and tailored brand guidelines, we curate an authentic, consistent, and impactful brand experience.


Consultancy and Management

As the market rapidly changes and new competition arises, it’s possible to lose sight of your brand’s identity. Comprehensive consultancy and management can help bring brand consistency and reliability for your audience, proving that identity stability is the answer in fast-paced landscape.


Websites are a key factor in promoting your brand, developing trust with your audience, and showcasing what you can offer to your clients. A company-specific platform designed with your identity in mind can help develop your brand and serve as a stepping stone towards becoming an industry leader.

Corporate Video Production

Your brand’s story and vision deserves to be told through a captivating medium. Having a professionally-made video about your company, its team, and their ideas will help bring another layer of credibility and honesty for your audience.

Company Profile & Sales Kit

An essential for B2B branding success. To achieve excellence in B2B branding, the creation of curating company collaterals is vital. They play a crucial role in communicating and reinforcing your company’s value, credibility, and dependability.

Social Media

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have served as a place to find a wider audience. Consistent online presence not only contributes to your brand image but also your brand credibility, making social media essential for growth.

This is the execution of the established brand strategy and design into other brand assets. Branding is an ongoing process and we make sure that you have the right tools and assets to boost your company’s growth.


Ready to start your brand journey?

Case Studies

PS Energy

B2B branding  for Singapore based energy agency by RAD Creatives Philippines

Leveraging youth and agility in pushing innovation for a leading fuel energy distributor in Singapore.

Hillman Realty

B2B Company branding for Manila based construction company by RAD Creatives Philippines

Reintroducing a 40-year-old construction with a fresh identity under a new generation of leaders.


B2B Brand identity design for Manila based energy company by agency RAD Creatives Philippines

Transitioning an industry expert with a strong personal brand into an organization with a distinctive corporate brand identity.

Robi D

Philippines celebirty personal branding design by RAD Creatives Manila agency

Refining a Filipino celebrity's brand positioning and identity with a versatile brand system.


Manila based coaching agency company branding engagement for B2B by RAD Creatives Philippines

Connecting a consultancy and coaching company with a younger target market through design.


Automotive branding for Ridebuy Philippines by RAD Creatives Manila agency

Establishing a new e-commerce platform in the automotive industry.

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