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Brand reintroduction of new generation leaders


In the first few months of its launch, DeltaJoy had struggles with positioning themselves as a coaching group. The idea of coaching was still new and intimidating to the local market. With the current perception of coaching and consultancy to be known as expensive and targeted towards businessmen and professionals, millennials were hesitant to inquire about DeltaJoy’s services. DeltaJoy’s previous aesthetic reminded people of a stiff corporate aesthetic and was too intimidating for its millennial target market.


Our design solution was to create an identity that was young and trendy while keeping the brand’s credibility. Starting with the logo, Deltajoy’s icon symbolizes transformation and the brand’s theme of malleability. The use of a fluid shape communicates a company that is versatile and is quick to adapt. Its logomark also form a letter “y” which refers to the brand’s continuous search for knowledge.

What we did

A bold and youthful branding positioned Deltajoy as an approachable coaching and consultancy company with an identity that successfully connects with its target market.

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