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Robi D

Refining a Filipino celebrity's brand positioning and identity with a versatile brand system.

Robi D


Robi D. is a Filipino celebrity host and influencer who has been in the industry for 15 years. As he explores and dives into content creation, the challenge was to clearly define the type of content that he would be putting out on social media. This meant rediscovering the Robi D. brand and clarifying his personality, archetype and visual identity.

What we did

Our Brand Workshop aimed to identify Robi D.’s core strengths, weaknesses and interests. By doing so, we were able to define his brand persona while staying true to his personality. Through rediscovery, we were able to craft a clear brand DNA which served as a guideline for his online content and tone. From a “jack of all trades” persona, our Brand Workshop allowed us to streamline his Brand Promise and redefine how he connects with his audience.


The idea of making connections was the primary brand message that we chose to focus on during the brand workshop. The Regular Guy brand archetype was the perfect fit for the Robi D. brand. As he himself goes through a process of self-discovery, his adventures in effect become relatable content for his audience. Instead of clearly defining and limiting his interests, we chose to highlight the process of discovery itself as he continuously explores his passions.


For Robi D.’s brand identity, we chose to design a brand aesthetic that was versatile, dynamic and mature. A colorful palette was chosen to constantly communicate the idea of connections through an identity that could easily adapt to different types of content.
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With a straightforward brand DNA, we have provided Robi D. a clear framework as basis for his future content.

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