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Hillman Realty Development

Brand reintroduction of new generation leaders

Hillman Realty Development


Hillman Realty Development Corporation offers project management and construction services for private and government projects. Established in 1980, this family corporation started with minimal brand identity and unidentifiable corporate branding. Considering its presence in the industry since the 80's, there is a lack in communication of tenure and experience. With a new generation of young leaders being involved in the organization, they recognized the need to establish a strong brand presence and professionalize their brand in order to keep up with other relevant industry players. This branding engagement was the perfect opportunity for management to take a step back and clarify their vision for the future.

What we did

In order to clarify the brand's direction, we needed to undergo a brand identity workshop to establish the brand's vision and positioning in the industry. This brand workshop defined Hillman Realty's brand personality, brand archetype and brand identity.

​When we started the engagement, it was important to understand that launching a rebrand did not always mean creating an identity that was loud and on-trend. Branding is not about making brands look good. For the successful execution of this branding engagement, we needed to conceptualize and design a brand that works and aligns with Hillman Realty’s brand strategy and personality. We wanted to translate the energy and enthusiasm of the succeeding generation without letting go of the heritage and experience the company established for years.

Our brand workshop identified two contrasting traits that Hillman Realty possessed: youth and experience. Youthfulness was present in the new generation of leaders who were enthusiastic, open and curious. Experience, on the other hand, was evident in the company’s tenure and exposure to various projects throughout the years.

Along with logo development and corporate identity design, we developed various brand executions on different brand touch points. By recognizing the industry’s traditional sales and marketing habits, we developed offline marketing collaterals for conventions and networking events. In order to be relevant, we also recognized the need to innovate and improve traditional sales practices. This meant connecting offline and online marketing through different tools such as QR codes, digital company profiles, and a company website.

The new Hillman Realty Development Corporation reintegrated a heritage brand into a fast-changing industry. Now with a clear vision, strategic positioning and an effectively translated brand identity, the company is now equipped for exponential growth.

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