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Transitioning an industry expert with a strong personal brand into an organization with a distinctive corporate brand identity.

PS Energy Group

PS Energy Group is a leading fuel and lubricant distributor catering to manufacturing, food and beverage, airports, energy, logistics, and construction sectors in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. The company approached us to organize its brand architecture and brand messaging for its group of companies.


PS Energy Group’s current brand architecture isolated CNC Petroleum’s function as a subsidiary from the other companies. First, the brand name alone had no parallelism from the other “PS” brands. Visually, the CNC Petroleum logo was contrasting to PS Energy and PS Technologies due to the absence of the droplet icon and the use of a sans serif font.

Brand Architecture

Aside from creating a more organized and cohesive brand architecture, the goal of this engagement was to unify PS Energy Group with consistent brand messaging. Given the company’s different functions per subsidiary, the organization found it challenging to identify a common brand message that could be used by all subsidiaries. Being able to clearly communicate their brand value as a conglomerate would help unify their brands and simultaneously boost their company’s credibility.

Brand Messaging

We started our engagement by doing internal and external research for PS Energy Group. We held individual interviews for the organization’s Directors and Department Heads. By involving C-Suite executives, Operations, Marketing, Sales and HR, we were able to identify different perspectives from different departments of the business. During this interview, we discovered inconsistencies in the core messaging of the brand. On identifying their core strength as a company, each department head had different answers as to what value they bring to their clients. Innovation, customer service, sustainability, accessibility and price were the core strengths that were brought up during these interviews. Seeing the wide range of answers to these questions, we recognized the need to simplify PS Energy’s brand messaging.

Through our Brand Workshop, we were able to identify the organization’s core strength as a company. By doing a competitive landscape of other industry players, we observed that PS Energy Group was the youngest company in their industry. Established in 2008, PS Energy has become one of the fastest growing companies in Singapore. With this information, we leveraged the company’s youth and agility by choosing innovation and accessibility as the brand’s advantage.

What we did

In order to unify the PS Energy Group’s subsidiaries, we used a Branded House architecture and created one unifying logo to be used by all companies. This brand architecture simplified the businesses functions and solidified their image as a synergistic conglomerate. Due to PS Energy’s exponential growth and agility, we redesigned the logo to encompass possible business expansions. By subtly incorporating the droplet shape into a more abstract icon, we were able to create something that was simple and universal.

Brand Identity

Aside from redesigning and restructuring PS Energy’s brand architecture, we developed an identity that translated the organizations innovative approach into their branding.

With PS Energy Group’s new cohesive brand identity, employees now have a unified direction and mission as one big organization. With a sense of brand clarity to embrace their business’ youth in the industry, they are now able to focus on providing innovative solutions for their partners.

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